Workforce Enhancement

The Workforce Enhancement Committee actively works to deliver strategies and programs that have been successfully employed by industry, education and community partners to collaboratively solve the challenges of preparing workers for 21st century careers in manufacturing.
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Annual Plan 2015-16

Chairpersons: Jamie Scott - - 203-398-9595 x 105

Please contact if interested in joining:
Jamie Scott - - 203-398-9595 x 105
Ed Fenton

Officer Liaison: Kate Houlihan

2016-17 Goals/Projects: see referenced Operations Plan

2016-17 Budget: We are always seeking donations to the Workforce Enhancement Committee's Education Foundation

2016-17 Meeting Dates:  Committee is operated electronically, ad-hoc subcommittees meet as needed

Workforce Committee Q4 Update

Update of Recent Workforce Activities

Workforce Committee Members:

Committee Co-Chairs Jamison Scott.  Liaison Kate Houlihan, Members: Jim Gildea, Kathy Saint, Louise Mansolf, Paul Hoffman, Steven Pynn, Marcia Lafemina, Steve Izzo, David Williams, Ken Lisk, Christine Broadbridge, Larry Smith, Marilyn Caraballo, Tom Auray, Yvonne Klancko, Jamie Scott, George Muench, Tom Doggart, John Brazil, Nicole Russo, Rod DeVore, Sabrina Beck, Rich DuPont, Andrew Mays, David Tuttle, Michael Rocheleau, Jack Crane, John Reap, Emre Tokgarz

Workforce Subcommittee Materials Manufacturing Summer Teachers Institute  - Christine Broadbridge, Bob Klancko co-directors, Kris Lorch, Kathy Saint, Larry Smith, Tom Auray, Yvie Klancko, George Meunch, Tom Doggart, Carol Jenkins, David Williams, Jim Gildea, Peter Dimoulas, Harold Mackin

Workforce Subcommittee Bridgeport Schools Outreach – Kris Lorch, Bob Klancko, Kathy Saint, Maribel Morgan, Christine Broadbridge , Yvonne Klancko, Mary Servino , Marilyn Caraballo

Workforce Subcommittee  State Technical High Schools  - Kris Lorch, Bob Klancko – members Superintendent's Advisory Committee -  TTAC Committee Support Kathy Saint, Tom Auray, Paul Hoffman, Ken Lisk, Maribel Morgan, Yvonne Klancko,

Workforce Subcommittee New Haven Schools, Maribel Morgan – Coordinator; Kris Lorch, Jack Crane, Yvonne Klancko, Bob Klancko, Christine Broadbridge, Peter Dimoulas, Garfield Pilliner, Fallon Daniels, Daniella Riley

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